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                                                                                                                THROUGH BUILD INDIA THROUGH SPORTS?

                                                                                                                INCREASING ACCESSIBILITY:

                                                                                                                SCF focuses on improving the accessibility of sports
                                                                                                                infrastructure to the middle and lower income pyramid of the
                                                                                                                population through its BITS (Build India Through Sports)
                                                                                                                Program. The goal is to bring sports facility to the door step of
                                                                                                                this target group.

                                                                                                       IMPROVING OUTCOMES:

                                                                                                       SCF's aim is 2 fold
                                                                                                       1)  Improve the quality of sportsmen participation in the country             .
                                                                                                       2) Reduce the medical burden of lifestyle diseases on self and

                                                                                              REMOVING THE BARRIER OF AFFORDABILITY:
                                                                                              SCF aims to tap into funds such as CSR, grants, sponsorships to reduce the
                                                                                              overall cost to the middle and lower income pyramid. The aim is to build

                                                                                              infrastructure that is almost free.

                                                                                      BUILD VALUES AND IMPROVE QUALITY OF TIME:

                                                                                       An active sports life improves the quality or outcomes of other activities such as
                                                                                       studies or workplace. Sports builds values such as team spirit, perseverance
                                                                                       respect and Work culture.
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