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Tournaments & Events (All the Below Events can be seen in our YouTube Link)

SCF Last 24 years organized more than 400 Free Events / Tournaments, specially involving less-privileged strata to share the plat form with elite Children & Youth, we are successful in creating the passion towards sports and games for many many lower strata children of the society

Some of the Free Tournaments/ Events/Workshops are listed below:

  • Free entry ‘Eddie Aibera Under-12 Cricket Tournament’
  • Free entry ‘Col. C.K Nayudu Tournament ‘ ( for under 12, 14 & 20 age groups)
  • Free ‘Mumtaz Hussain Spinners Project’ (On going effort to tap Top quality spinners)
  • Free ‘Pace Bowlers Project’ (On going effort to tap Top quality fast bowlers)
  • Free entry ‘Youth free Under-22 Cricket Tournament’
  • Free ‘Summer Cricket Tournaments’
  • Free entry ‘Prashanthi Day-Night Cricket event’ for Voluntary organizations
  • Free Cricket Coaching Workshop for Coaches
  • Free entry ‘Ghaus Mohammed Day & Night Tennis Tournament’ (for under 10 & under 12)
  • Free entry ‘SCF Junior Hockey Knock-out Trophy’
  • Free entry ‘Dr. Ambedkar Jr. Hockey Tournament’ (for Slum Children)
  • Free entry ‘Md. Habeeb Junior Football Tournament’
  • Free entry ‘KSR Murthy Football Tournament ‘(through which scholarships are awarded to outstanding young Football Players)
  • Free entry 'Barack Obama Basketball Tournament’
  • Free entry ‘Foreign Students Sports Event 2015’ (at Nizam College Sports Complex, Hyderabad)
  • SCF conducts free coaching for under-privileged street children / orphan homes once in a month to inculcate Sports Culture among them
  • Free entry ‘Golconda Fort Govt. Schools Mini Olympiad’ (Multi - Sports One Day Event for 10 surrounding schools)
  • Free entry ‘Dasara Multi - Sports One Day Event at Sports Complex, Masab Tank, Hyderabad
  • Free entry ‘Medak Dist Govt. Schools Mini Olympiad’ for 20 Schools
  • Free entry ‘Inter Govt. School Multi- Sports One Day Event for Girls at Masab Tank, Sports Complex
  • Free entry ‘T.N. Pillai Inter Media Day Night Cricket Tournament
  • Free entry ‘Rural Sports Meets’ in different districts
  • Free Basketball Clinic at SCF Complex
  • Free Football Clinic at SCF Complex

Thousands of under privileged Children and Youth have taken advantage of our above Events many youngsters represented Country & State.

Other than the above under our Build India Through Sports Project we are connected with more than 100 Govt. / Municipal Schools & around 35 Children.